In this Brave New World of digital marketing, click-bait blogging and play-list gaming, it’s rare to find a truly organic, uniquely original viral hit, but that is exactly what we are seeing with Vaudeville Smash and their video for “Zinedine Zidane”.

Written as a fun homage to a player they regard as “The strongest of them all...”, the song and it’s video have captured the imagination of audiences all around the globe, but most remarkably without any marketing, label or publisher support! It is the epitome of a fan-driven viral hit and with currently over 8 million YouTube views and 100,000+ likes from Europe to Asia, Latin America and beyond, BBC Sports using the lyrics on their Twitter feed to celebrate Zinedine Zidane’s birthday and the continuing hockey-stick curve of rising view-count shows us that Vaudeville Smash and their song have seeped into the consciousness of music lovers and football fans world-wide.

The fact is, this is a well-crafted and produced hit song, not surprising considering the songwriting talents of this group of 3 brothers and two mates born in Italy but residing (for now) in Melbourne, Australia. There is much, much more to Vaudeville Smash than one viral hit, but it’s a pretty good place to start!

The marketing opportunities presented here for a label/distribution partner are clear and present. With Management and Publishing teams now in place in Europe, USA and Australia and the band looking to begin touring and residing in Europe to capitalise on their current successes, Vaudeville Smash is ready to work, coupled with the fact that the band is an incredible hi-energy live act, with their 80s infused, crowd-participation show already establishing the band as one of Australia’s stellar Festival and club acts, selling out shows up and down the East Coast of Australia and beyond. Their music has an incredibly broad demographic appeal. Their fan base at home begins in the inner-city millennial crowd and reaches all the way to mainstream commercial audiences, as well as, of course, sports fans!