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Ben Bailer began his career in Germany in the late 1990s, when the world was still physical and the internet was just beginning to spread. The world of music was subject to a completely different order back then.

He grew up in the music publishing industry and found himself working in the business as a young adult. He decided to pursue his career independently with a strong focus on everything digital.

He wanted to build something different:
Combining cutting edge internet applications with the music business was the task he set for himself. His involvement currently is comprising music technology as well as data verification software.

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Within his first job at BMG he worked on a live-stream of concerts of Peter Maffay with Deutsche Telekom, back in 2001. His main job was cutting online deals on behalf of BMG for P!nk, Right Said Fred, Avril Lavigne, Santana and many others. He left BMG for a thorough university education with RFH – University of Applied Science, Cologne. 

Not much later, his next (ad)venture was to create a company in order to monetise video media.

Together with Tatjana Mühlthaler and a couple of talented programmers and designers, they started a new company called di[rec]. From 2006-2009 they recorded concerts live and sold them on USB-flash devices and online immediately after each show.

After touring extensively with dozens of acts, i.e. with Swedish rockers Mando Diao and the legendary Fury In The Slaugherhouse and recording tons of live shows (In This Moment, Clawfinger, In Flames, Chimaira, Groove Armada and many many more), Ben focused more on his German publishing business and his record label.

After many years of successfully running Global Records in Germany and the UK, Ben decided to start Bailer Music Publishing in the US in 2015. Strategically focusing on administration, the boutique music company quickly picked up many clients. By the end of 2017, the company was looking after more than 250 catalogs in the US and in Europe with over 45,000 copyrights represented. 


Currently, Bailer Music Publishing is coming back to its roots in music: 
Looking at exceptional and eclectic songwriters from all around the world in order to focus on both a creative and business mindset while ensuring comprehensive music royalty collection for its clients. Peermusic Publishing Germany has been the trusted partner for administration since the beginning of 2019. 

Ben works hands-on with the songwriters signed to Bailer Music while organising and conducting songwriting sessions and songwriting camps in music city Nashville, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney (Australia) and many other places in order to create outstanding music. Current cuts with Sony, Universal, Warner and Ultra are building the company's reputation stateside and internationally in the pop and rock world.


For synchronisation on TV and in the movies, Bailer Music pitches songs on a regular basis to supervisors and others. 

The company currently is expanding at high speed and works with several partners around the world in a very collaborative manner.


Ben holds positions on the board of the German music publishing association (Deutscher Musikverleger Verband e.V.) and the pop board of the ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers).


His passion for technology and new developments in work, economy and people is positioning Ben right in the center of intersection of technology and music.

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