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What would we be without music?

Probably just some helpless, unemotional blobs on the planet without any compassion, no?

Well, we do have music. Thanks to you, the songwriters.

So, let's see. What do we do?


Music publishing refers to the business of managing and licensing musical compositions, as well as collecting and distributing the royalties earned from the use of those compositions.

This includes the administration of the copyright for a musical composition and the negotiation of agreements for the use of that composition, such as for use in films, television shows, commercials, video games, and other media.


Music publishers also work to promote the compositions they represent, often by pitching them to artists, record labels, and music supervisors for use in various projects.


Music publishers may also work with songwriters and composers to help them protect their rights and maximize their income from their compositions.


In addition to managing the rights and licensing of compositions, music publishers may also provide support services to songwriters and composers, such as legal advice, copyright registration, and royalty collection and distribution.

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