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Benedikt Wellmann

Benedikt Wellmann, aka Don Bnnr has collaborated with Galvaro, Bodybangers, B3nte and many others, he kept releasing his own productions nearly every week and can show for close to 10 Million streams on Spotify plus a couple more on other platforms.

Don Bnnr (pronounced French): Don Bennoir always wanted to listen to the radio. In the early years of childhood he tried to emulate the moderators.

As a producer, Don has a keen ear for sound and a natural ability to bring out the best in artists. His production skills are top-notch, and he knows how to craft a hit song from start to finish. Whether he's working on his own music or collaborating with other artists, Don is able to bring a fresh, innovative perspective to the table, and his production techniques consistently elevate the final product.

Collab with Lumry was really fruitful. She is a brilliant talent, too!

In addition to his production skills, Don is also a talented songwriter, with a knack for crafting catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Fun in songwriting

His unique blend of creative talents make him a valuable asset to any music project, and his passion for his craft is evident in every song he produces. If you're a songwriter looking for a producer who can help bring your music to the next level, consider working with Don – his talent and experience make him a highly sought-after collaborator in the industry.


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