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Jim Lawton

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Songwriter Jim Lawton is the mastermind behind the British band Electric Enemy. Two European tours with Alice in Chains singer Jerry Cantrell and British rock band The Luka State were just the beginning.

Jim Lawton's talent to bring together multiple people, whilst coming up with spectacular ideas for new songs is stellar. He is a talented and up-and-coming songwriter hailing from the UK. Jim is signed to Circular Wave Edition, which is a joint-venture with the rock label with the same name "Circular Wave" from Germany.

Despite his young age, Jim has already made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of pop, rock, and folk influences, which give his music a fresh, distinctive sound that has caught the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. Features on BBC1 Radio 1, countless European radio stations and TikTok, iTunes Global and Rock Alternative Charts prove his talent.

Sync strong

5 syncs, just in the last 6 months and a keen ear from the major and larger independent labels to his work create a strong record of his ability to write songs.

Four languages

As a songwriter, Jim has a natural ability to craft catchy, relatable tunes and thought-provoking lyrics, and his passion for music is evident in every song he writes. In addition to his songwriting skills, Jim is also a skilled musician, proficient on a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, and drums.

His amazing ability to pick up languages makes him able to communicate in 4 languages. And counting.

Jim and his band Electric Enemy

The current single "Panic" made it to the top 10 playlists for Rock.

Electric Enemy are a London based band with energetic angst powered by heavy

guitars, colossal drums and dynamic vocals. Driving guitarriffs are met by perfectly crafted melodies, delivering a grown-up sound that cuts through the noise. Their message is born from their response to the world around them - with lyrics that tell tales of broken hearts, a broken world, and breaking boundaries.

Jim (vocals/guitars), Orlando(guitars), Ewan (bass) and Max (drums) come together to create a sound that could be likened to Muse, The Killers and Queens Of The Stoneage, but with artistry that could only be Electric Enemy.

Next tour: The UK

find more info here: LIVE - Electric Enemy

2021 saw the band hold 8 weeks in Germany's most prestigious radio rockcharts, #1 and #3 in 3 separate European iTunes rock charts, featured on Spotify's "The Best of The Rock List 2021" playlist and frontman Jim Lawton's songwriting talents have been recognised by many other artists, resulting in him writing for many signed acts including 2 # 1 achieving globally recognised artists.

Jim Lawton sets his way forward

Jim is constantly seeking new ways to expand his musical horizons and push the boundaries of his craft.


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