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Markus Siebert

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

A songwriter from Berlin with an extraordinary talent for entertaining people on stage and on the radio and a huge heart.

Songwriter par excellence from Berlin

There are few artists in Germany who have done so much for society and at the same time been able to entertain the masses as Markus Siebert. For years he has been campaigning for the homeless in Berlin and at times sang for the masses as the lead singer of the band Brenner in Germany. They made it to the Top 20 Charts.

Foto: Thomas 'Tutti' Nitz
Markus Siebert
And I'll never forget our vow I never told you one thing You are the best I have Let's dance through the night

© 2023 Markus Siebert "Ich Folge Dir"

Markus Siebert has achieved a number of milestones in his career and is looking forward to the coming months in order to create more together with his trusted team.

A little history about Markus

As a young singer/songwriter in Hamburg, he started his career in a divided Germany. Since that time he has always managed to combine his lyrics with his music and to inspire people for himself.

From the first publishing contract with a label deal in 2005 and the first album release "Beweg Dich" (2008) followed by a tour and several single successes, the recordings for "Next" (2013) followed. He played in front of the Brandenburg Gate on German Unity Day in 2015.

Markus Siebert is back with Ben Bailer

In October 2020 - in the midst of the pandemic - Markus decided to leave the band to focus more on his family and his work in homeless aid, and to be able to devote himself to songwriting and his own music again.

With the single Tanzen Durch die Nacht, the first single follows on the Soundtopeople GmbH label together with the publisher and long-time companion Ben Bailer.


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