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Sugar (Milk & Sugar) represented by Bailer in USA

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Sugar (Steven Harding) and Bailer Music inked an a sub-publishing deal for North America. Steven is one of the few most important influencers of European Dance Music in the late '90s and early 2000s and very active to this day.

Steven wrote the music and lyrics for many songs that Milk & Sugar released and songs that were released on their own label. Steven has been traveling alone since early 2022. His latest release is a collaboration with Boney M and the song will soon cross a million streams.

Disco House was significantly influenced by Milk & Sugar. Their success reaches multiple No1s and Gold Records.

He is skilled in a variety of electronic music production techniques and is able to create a wide range of sounds and styles, from upbeat dance tracks to more experimental and experimental electronic music.

He is a true multi talent

In addition to his work with Milk & Sugar, Harding has also written and produced songs for other artists, and has released his own solo productions. Overall, Harding is a talented and experienced songwriter and producer who has made significant contributions to the electronic music scene through his work with Milk & Sugar and his other projects.

Never stop going out to dance, meet friends and listen to good music. Buy our records!

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Steven ran his own music publishing house for years and he now is trusting Bailer for the North American Territories to collect on his behalf. We are honoured to represent such an acclaimed and talented songwriter.

Please contact us for collaborations or synch requests for his music.


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