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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Exciting Current Projects – Join Us in Shaping the Future of Music!

We invite you to take a closer look at the exciting projects currently underway at Bailer Music. As a music publisher deeply passionate about the artistry of sound, we're dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering creative collaborations.


Bailer Music works with artists and songwriters from different genres and continents. Please find below the artists and what we are looking for:


Electric Enemy

The award-winning songwriter behind Jim Lawton recently secured the prestigious ISC Songwriter Award and achieved yet another milestone with a John Lennon Songwriting Award for a collaboration with Patiñio. Notably, this talented songwriter continues to craft hits for both Universal and Sony artists, showcasing their exceptional skill and versatility. He is open for songwriting sessions.

After successfully finishing European tours with Alice in Chains singer Jerry Cantrell and English rock band The Luka State, Electric Enemy now is looking to find an agent to do their own European tour.


Introducing 'Rebel Bunny', the bold alter ego of the multi-talented artist, Amy Tjasink, renowned for her instrumental prowess, songwriting skills, captivating vocals, and previous acclaim as South African Voice finalist. What truly sets Amy apart in the music realm is her unapologetic approach to storytelling, where she fearlessly lays bare her soul with raw transparency and unwavering purpose. 'Rebel Bunny' is poised to make her grand entrance onto the music scene with a debut single that's already earned the prestigious title of 'Industry Record Of The Day.' The track, "Better Lay Low," is a dark and pop-infused anthem that pays homage to the world of drum 'n' bass. With grunge-infused guitars setting the stage, it becomes a powerful narrative of an anti-hero reclaiming her pride while conveying a positive message of resilience and moving forward. Rebel Bunny is looking for label and agency partners to help with her career.

Listen to some of her tunes.


Lui Peng

Renowned for his narrative depth and lyricism, UK's promising singer-songwriter Lui Peng is set to further hone his craft at the prestigious IMPF Songwriting Camp in Palma de Mallorca this October. Embodying a rich blend of alternative pop and R&B, Peng captivates audiences globally. His remarkable versatility in songwriting, accentuated by a seamless blend of acoustic and electronic elements, has established him as a noteworthy talent in the music industry. With origins from YouTube where he showcased acoustic covers, he's evolved, crafting songs that echo complexity and emotional depth. Engage with his evolving narrative on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He is currently looking for a label.

Get more info here: Lui Peng



Meet the talents behind Fuseo, a collective of musicians dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pop music. 2 RIAA gold awarded producer Julian Feifel, broadway and TV live singer Sean Michael Murray, musicians from the German band Heavytones and more are involved in this project. With their unique blend of captivating melodies, innovative sound design, and soulful performances, Fuseo is here to create an unforgettable musical experience that resonates with every note. They will produce their sound in Dolby Atmos ® and have Dolby's support. With more than 45 million streams under their belt and a really exciting set of live musicians at hand, they are looking for label and agency support on both sides of the Atlantic.

Check the current status and some more information here: Fuseo the band


Nina Caroline

Nina Caroline, a remarkably talented artist, singer, and songwriter, beckons you to explore her captivating journey. From crafting her first songs in German and French as a child to winning the prestigious "DEIN SONG" competition, she's an artist whose music resonates deeply with emotions and experiences. She is currently looking for label and agency support in Germany. Please find more information about Nina Caroline here.

Also, here is some music that gives you an idea about the upcoming EP:



OUDi ([ow-dee]), as visionary talent behind the scenes, she has been shortlisted for Video Director of the Year at CCMA. Formerly known as Chrystal Leigh, her remarkable journey includes charting on Billboard country radio, earning over 3 million streams, and garnering award nominations with her country duo Sons of Daughters. From starring on Scott Borchetta's TV show "The Launch" to performing for rock legends AC/DC and fronting Dave "Rave" Ogilvie's industrial pop project Jakalope, OUDi's diverse music career is a testament to her boundless creativity. And now, she's ready to embark on her solo adventure.

She currently is looking for an agent and a record label to help her nurture her endeavour to get on stages in the US and Europe.

Here, you can listen to the upcoming album which sonically is pointing straight to the heights of the music universe.


Sam Hatmaker

Sam Hatmaker, a Knoxville native, was destined for the spotlight. Growing up in a household with a stand-up comedian and an actress, Sam's early years led her to believe that the stage was where everyone belonged. At the tender age of 10, she solidified her path, taking to the stage at Dollywood, even though she had by then realized that not everyone shared her calling. At 16, she packed her dreams and her first publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and made her way to Nashville. In 2019, Sam embarked on a new chapter, recording her debut EP under the guidance of Grammy award-winning producer Nathan Chapman.

She currently is looking for a label and an agent in the US and Europe.



Jobe, hailing fro m Arlington, TX, is a musical trailblazer merging 90's Pop/R&B vocal melodies with early 2000's rap lyricism, set against contemporary African rhythms. His hit single "Fire," featuring Kenyan sensation Nviiri the Storyteller, epitomizes this fusion, bridging cultures and eras. Jobe's music, including tracks like "Nobody" and "Watching," weaves captivating stories into a sonic journey, breaking boundaries and uniting hearts. Join Jobe on this unique musical voyage, where tradition meets innovation, shaping a fresh chapter in the global Afro Beats narrative. Jobe is looking for help on the label side and on the live side.


Step into the world of SATCH, a songwriter and storyteller pushing the boundaries of music. Explore The Song Satchell, his unique newsletter where he unravels the art of songwriting. From small-town beginnings to international stages, including London Pride, SATCH's music connects with the marginalized and encourages them to share their stories. Stay tuned for his debut album, "Present In The Post," coming in summer 2023, and be part of a musical revolution led by SATCH.

SATCH currently is looking for label and agency support.

Read more about SATCH:


Bailer Music Publishing proudly presents a handpicked demo playlist, brimming with potential collaborations. For those who've experienced the magic of our conversations, this is your backstage pass to explore creative synergy. Discover vocals, stems, and musical treasures awaiting your artistic touch. Let's take our connections to the next level and craft music that resonates with the world.


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